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Ade Saez
via Google

My kid loves it. They know how to motivate the students.

Noah Ford
via Google

My brother has been going to Peter Pippos Karate Center for many years, and he has left class happy and he has always given glowing reviews of the place.

Jamie Mosscrop
via Google

All around fantastic! Peter is amazing with the students and the rest of the staff are wonderful. My two children have been there for over a year and really love it!

Deniz Temel
via Google

PPKC team has had a great positive impact to our son. They have been enriching and empowering him at every level. Not only he has been learning karate but also getting skills on leadership, team work, accpuntability, caring and many more. We are blessed and grateful to have such an amazing support in our community. Thank you PPKC.

Siena Kolpin
via Google

this is the best karte ever i have been doing it for 9 years it helps with school and hockey he will help you with anything
you will build confedens and you will be the verso of your self

Dhanashree Sathe
via Google

Love Peter Pippos karate center ,Mr.Peter has such positive energy,all the instructors are excellent and are obviously dedicated to teaching karate well.I also like their focus on teaching kids about kindness and standing up for themselves against bullies without harming anyone .

Yuning Chang
via Google

Nicole, Peter and the team at Peter Pippos are wonderful. They are so caring to all the kids and families. My daughter loves going there for after school and karate classes.

Susan Welt
via Google

PPKC not only teaches karate but builds leadership, character, and respect. The PPKC staff are more than teachers, they are role models, mentors, motivators, and family! We are better people being part of their program.

Lindsay Yanklowski
via Google

My 5 and 8 year olds have been taking classes for almost 2 months, and love it here so much. The instructors are incredibly kind and caring while also teaching them discipline and how to follow directions. They are great with making every class a blend of having fun and learning karate.

Deepak Kochar
via Google

PPKC is a very very special place and Sensei Peter is easily one of the best martial arts teacher. He is great guy and words are not enough to describe him, When you talk to Peter you will notice that you are talking to a very intelligent person with exceptionally high positive energy levels. His discipline, dedication, professionalism towards his students is incredible. Together Nicole, Peter and Lukas are a great team, super friendly and are highly passionate about all the students. They remember the name of each kid, their strength, weakness and they get the best out of all kids. Each and every class they conduct is full of energy, high quality learning and a memorable experience. In addition to Karate, Peter and Lukas also gives them real life lessons around discipline, hardwork, honesty, integrity and much more. They always raise their bar higher and higher. During these lockdowns, PPKC quickly moved to online lessons with same levels of intensity and quality and now in-person learning is back again with all the necessary safety measures and guidelines. All of these transition was very well managed. Thanks PPKC for everything you do for the kids.

Lavanya Gurram
via Google

This one motivation that kept kids going during peak pandemic times. Every one stepped back but PPKC stepped up in these times and helped kids get physical exercise and continued to teach Karate and conducted tests. PPKC team Never gave up!!!

Samantha Sickorez
via Google

We love this dojo and Sensei and all the teachers! So much changed suddenly this year, yet my boys' were able to move very smoothly to virtual karate lessons, which gave them a sense of routine and consistency throughout the spring and summer. My youngest son struggles to control his body and his emotions, and his time learning karate and working with these fabulous instructors has resulted in fantastic growth! So grateful

Jen Shapiro
via Google

Nicole, Peter and their team are truly wonderful partners in the community. They have so many offerings based on your needs and are so caring to all the kids and families who belong to the dojo. They know every child's name and balance an impressive mix of fun along with focus, respect and discipline to the practice. We've been going for years - both to the karate classes and camp. My son loves it there!

Jasmin Keramaty
via Google

Sensei Peter Pippos is a special person--his energy and positivity are infectious. This place is full of heart and a great place for physical and emotional growth. It is family run, and clear they are all passionate about their students. It has really helped keep some balance in our lives during the pandemic.

Rosa Moscarella
via Google

Thank Goodness I heard about PPKC when I moved to Acton! The Pippos family is a great support for the Acton community in so many ways. I first knew of the Center for their after school program, which I'd say is the BEST in town. We're very unhappy with the AB Community Education Extended Care program and fortunately PPKC had an opening and we're able to move our daughter to their afterschool program starting in January on 2020 and that was the best decision we could have made. The environment is so bright and so positive, our daughter was much happier, with the plus that now she was also doing Karate. Sensei Peter is a great leader, everybody loves him. After the pandemic, PPKC quickly started offering online lessons which was great for everyone in the middle of the lockdown and with so much anxiety for what was going on. Nicole Pippos even organized a few time online activities through zoom, like Bingo or treasure hunts. When school started in the fall of 2020, they started the Empower Academy for kids taking online classes which has been a lifesaver for working parents and has offered some sense of normalcy to our children. I cannot express my gratitude for the PPKC family for the positive impact they have in our life. We love you!

Steve Dunlap
via Google

Peter is a positive role model instilling values into kids. I’ve seen my son develop confidence in himself that I directly attribute to this school and what they teach. Peter, Lukas, and Morgan make class fun while teaching karate and life lessons. I highly recommend this school if you are looking to develop your physical abilities, learn self defense, and build a positive mindset.

Samir P.
via Google

Great Karate Center! Sensei's classes are fun and educational. Both my girls attend classes here twice a week. Its not just about the Karate, Sensei teaches them about life lessons and responsibility. He makes the class fun and interesting. If there is time at the end he will always try and finish with some musical game of some sort which the kids love. Been coming over a year now and can't wait till my girls reach Black belt. Sensei always has a smile on his face and will go out of his way to say hello to all parents.

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