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Stuart Mish
via Google

Our daughter absolutely loves PPKC! It’s building her self-confidence, discipline, and self-esteem, and most importantly, she’s having a great time and meeting other great kids.
We have even added her to the extended day program.
Strongly recommend!

Chris Herpers
via Google

I have been an adult student at PPKC for several years, and so has my son and plan to continue the journey for as long as I can. Peter is highly skilled and charismatic, with children, teenagers and adults equally. He is very respectful of children and demanding at the same time. This is a great dojo!!

Steve Stasheski
via Google

Fun and friendly atmosphere for the kids classes!

Andrew Dow
via Google

Peter Pippos Karate Center has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. They inspire confidence, have consistent expectations, and help teach her how to navigate through success and failure. She looks forward to every class, and they have encouraged her to set her goals high and work hard to achieve them. She is also a participant in their Leadership program, through which I can see her self confidence growing. I would highly recommend their program.

David Morana
via Google

Great dojo with awesome instructors!

Alli G
via Google

I only have positive things to say about Pippos, both their karate classes and their after school program. We love the creativity, leadership, and kindness that the Pippos family exudes and cultivates in their classes and activities for kids. They exhibit unconditional positive regard for all of their students and use a strengths-based approach when working with all learners. We love Pippos!

Shari B
via Google

We have felt so welcome from the first moment we joined PPKC! Sensei Peter and Sensei Lucas are great with the kids and my son has learned so much so quickly! I’m impressed at how hard these kids work and how motivating an environment it is.

Linda Almeida
via Google

We are so happy to have our son enrolled in this program. Every time he leaves the dojo, he has a smile on his face and I know he feels encouraged and confident.

Kalpana Viswanathan
via Google

The karate program at PPKC has been a real blessing for my 7 year old. When I enrolled him about a year back, he had attention difficulty and impulsivity. Sensei Peter assured me that that would all change over time and I am glad I took his advice. My son has shown so much improvement that his teachers at school have a hard time believing it is the same kid that they were concerned about last year. I am extremely thankful to Senseis Peter, Lukas and Morgan for all they have done to help him along the way. I also have a 12 year old who is taking karate and leadership classes at the center and absolutely loves it. Wish we had started this journey sooner for her. All in all it has been a great experience for us and we are very fortunate to have found this gem of a place!

Jenny Harland
via Google

Peter Pippos Karate Center has had such a positive impact on our son! He is excited to go to class every single time, and he is not only learning karate, he is learning many valuable lessons he can apply to his life outside of the dojo. The teaching team is amazing, and their passion for what they do is very obvious. They know every single kid's name, and they make them all feel welcome and special. They have high expectations for the students, but they make it clear that it is okay to not know how to do something yet, as long as they are trying. Every student is considered to be a future black belt and this had made my son's confidence soar. The Leadership Program has added even more benefit to his experience at Peter Pippos Karate Center. I highly recommend this karate school to anyone looking for a place for you and your child to have an awesome experience!

Jimmy Freeman
via Google

Kids love it.

Dr. Dhaval Patel
via Google

Amazing place to learn everything at one place. PPKC team is knowledgeable, meticulous and energetic in coaching program. Along with karate coaching, they are educating the children for developing self-discipline, self-confidence, respect, and motivation. Great impressive thing is Nicole Pippos and his team are always calling students with their name.

Caty Tillman
via Google

We enrolled our two boys and couldn’t be more impressed. One child needs to develop his confidence while the other needs to work on his focus. Peter and his staff know each child personally and are attentive to their goals and personal needs. Of all of the extracurricular activities we tried, this has been the best choice by leaps and bounds.

The pricing is fair, and the schedule is flexible. We LOVE Peter Pippos!!

Audra Maria
via Google

We are so thankful we signed our daughter up here eight years ago. It has provided a positive community that feels like family!

Liz Saltz
via Google

Our son has really thrives at Peter Pippos! He loves going to class and learning new things. The best part is the care and attention Peter and his team pay to all of the students!

Marissa Alikpala
via Google

We love this place! Our son needed discipline and guidance for self confidence. The senseis (Peter, Lucas and Morgan) are so encouraging and great with kids. Even the leadership team that helps out (Jack and Gabe) make the class fun for everyone. A year later, our son has been more confident in himself and even listening more!! Highly recommend this dojo!

Emily Cunningham
via Google

We are so pleased with Peter Pippos Karate Center. The entire staff is caring and friendly, and they teach confidence and respect in a fun way. Their flexible attendance policy and class schedule are a huge bonus. With other activities, it is sometimes a struggle to get my son out the door on time, but when it is time for class at the dojo, he will drop whatever he is doing to get out the door on time. Cannot say enough great things!

Sarah Gavriel
via Google

KKPC is the best place around. All of the instructors are fabulous! They are great with building up confidence, self esteem and respect with the kids. It's a fun and nurturing environment for all ages and needs. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Susan Welt
via Google

PPKC not only teaches karate but builds leadership, character, and respect. The PPKC staff are more than teachers, they are role models, mentors, motivators, and family! We are better people being part of their program.

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