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Read what our satisfied students and families have to say:

  • Thank You Very Much, Sensei... I absolutely love being in your Karate Class, and thank you so much for making me a better person with your teachings. I hope to make you very proud someday with obtaining my Black Belt! –Sincerely, Sean
  • My Famous American Written by Jack
    My famous American's name is Peter Pippos. He is my Karate Sensei. Something I like about my famous American is that he teaches people how to use karate to defend themselves. He is also very friendly. His job is to run his own karate dojo. My Sensei is a hard worker because he worked a long time to get his black belt. My Sensei is friendly and determined because he works with kids so they can learn karate. My famous American is a lot like Cal Ripken Jr. because they both work hard and like to teach kids how to do their favorite sport. Sensei opened his own dojo. Cal Ripken Jr. opened baseball camps.
  • Dear Mr. Pippos, Thank you for being my Sensei for five years. In my time there I learned many skills that helped me earn my green belt with a brown stripe and various other medals and awards. This experience has meant a lot to me. It was a time for me to practice something I love. –Will M.
  • Really fun... Dear Sensei Pippos, Thank you for teaching me for the last five years. Karate class was always fun. Self defense moves like the mutual grab and the spin on kyu kumite one and two were really fun. Thank you for teaching me everyday karate skills like listening and calmness. Those skills I often use, and the other skills I use every now and then. I use listening when I'm learning something or when I'm in school. I use calmness, when I am taking tests so I don't make as many mistakes because I would be focused. Thank you most of all for testing me to junior black belt. Without you I wouldn't have gotten this far. I promise to be an example for other students I have enjoyed karate and will continue it. –Sincerely Joseph
  • Improve your strengths... I collapse in my bed at the usual time. The lights disappear and I am alone. I can't go to sleep, so I replay that evening through my head. Laughing, greeting, and fooling around is how it begins. Then, there's moaning, groaning, stretching, and conditioning. I feel my heart pulse, while sweat trickles down my head. There is much deep breathing and I already feel exhausted. Then there's fighting, running, more laughing, and watching. By the end, there's more stretching, more fighting, and much applause. At the end I am relieved and I feel stretched out, but in a good way. Tomorrow is the day I will be sore, but today I feel strong. That is what a normal karate class is like.
    I am a second degree black belt. I had to work hard to earn my black belt. You know when you've had a good class when the next day you are literally climbing out of your bed slower than a turtle. During class you should get your heart beat up and there has to be sweat. If my instructor thinks you're not working hard enough or you're cheating out of stretching, he'll make you work even harder. Also, if you don't have power in your strikes, he'll yell at you until you're nearly punching through the bag you're hitting. When you spar (fight) with him, if you don't vary your moves, lack power in your strikes, or you don't keep your hands up, he will bop you on the head and use grabs and take downs on you. If you're not tired by the end of the class, you didn't work hard enough or you didn't try.
    In karate, you must improve your strengths. The three strengths are mind, bdy and spirit. You must condition your body and work it to its limits. This will turn your body into a deadly weapon. The goal is to make your body as deadly as your strikes. When somebody hits you, it should hurt them more than it hurts you. Not all strengths need to be muscle. You must always be focused. There is a word for this kind of focus, "Mushin" which means no mindedness. This means that a brass band could come playing through the dojo (karate classroom) and you would pay no attention them. Finally, spirit is the most important strength. Spirit is what makes your strikes powerful and accurate. Without spirit, your strikes would be pathetic and merely movements of your limbs. Spirit is what keeps you working and going. Karate helps you master those strengths.
    Karate teaches you to control yourself. The style I take is self-defense, it's not a sport. It teaches you to not pick a fight every time you get a chance. I've learned if you have a chance to run, take it. If there's a bully who's been bothering you, don't kick or punch them, settle your problem with a teacher. It teaches you to use moves and when not to use moves. If you're in a very bad situation, it's okay to use a dirty move to take someone down. If you're having a shouting contest with your sibling, it's probably bad to throw a sneaky kick to the knee. Control is a very important thing to have when using karate.
    Karate is a hobby of many skills. If I didn't take karate, I'd probably be a pudgy kid with god knows what in his mouth and playing video games all day long. I don't have a dream for my future involving karate (If that's what you're looking for), I just put all my heart and effort into it.

  • Courage, respect, cooperation... Dear Sensei Pippos, Thank you for helping me reach this stage in my karate. You have helped me by teaching me karate and giving me corrections in my various stances, hand positioning, strikes, blocks and kicks, in my katas, kumites, secondary exercises and take downs. I try not to use all the karate I learn in class physically but I will if I have to. I use my karate mentally. I use courage, respect, cooperation, perseverance, confidence, passiveness and mental stamina. I have gotten my junior black belt so I will make a promise that I will be a good example for the junior belts, and listen to anyone who is talking. Most of all I have to practice to the best of my abilities. I will also not fool around unless we are playing a game. –Sincerely Jake
  • Wonderful and positive experience... My sons and I have been students at the Peter Pippos Karate Center over the course of the past year and have had such a wonderful and positive experience. Peter Pippos Sensei is not only a talented and skilled practitioner himself, but an incredibly patient, understanding, and intuitive teacher. My boys absolutely love participating in the classes as do I, and we all look forward to growing our abilities, our insights, and our character and integrity for many years to come. –Ron F.
  • So proud... Thank you Sensei Peter! The Peter Pippos Karate Center has been a consistently positive influence on Justin. The discipline, self-control, self-assurance and poise your classes has instilled in him has been perfectly synchronized with our own values and approach to living. I am so proud of the fine person he is becoming and owe much to you and your family. He truly lives the tenets of Uechi Ryu Karate and I couldn't be happier. You have indelibly written on the pages of the Cooper family's lives. I truly see him not only him growing up and becoming more outgoing but comprehending that Karate is not about fighting but for being safe and healthy. He now feels the need to follow through and accomplish his goals. I would not trade one dollar that I have invested in Uechi Ryu Karate for all the riches in the world because, as you are teaching Justin, the riches that matter most come from within! –All the best, Kerry C. (Mother of Justin, Green Belt).
  • Discipline, Confidence, Strength and Performance... My son has been learning Karate for couple years at Peter Pippos. The things we like about this center is the FULL attention given by the Sensei (Peter) to the kids in every session and the focus given to the OVERALL development of the student not only in Martial arts but also in Discipline, Confidence, Strength and Performance. This dojo is clean and big helping the student to learn and perform best. We strongly recommend Peter Pippos Karate Center. –Best Regards, Silas & Mamtha M.
  • Outstanding... My son and myself are students at Peter Pippos Karate Center, and it has become an integral part of our lives. Peter is an outstanding Sensei for both children and adults, who knows how to make his love of karate contagious to his students of all ages. He is enthusiastic, caring, and charismatic, and at the same time rigorous with clear expectations of his students. Oh, and he knows how to keep all of this fun! –Chris H.
  • Dear Mr. Pippos, I know it has been a while since I stopped karate lessons but I feel like my departure needed more than a simple goodbye. Karate was more than just extracurricular, so I decided to write this letter to explain what karate has given me. By far the most important thing that karate has given me is confidence. Unlike a classroom where a student can choose to participate, you forced me to do things in front of an entire class. Things like sparring, katas, and reciting the Student Creed. Honestly, I have to say that at first I disliked it wholeheartedly. Yet now I could not be more grateful. Those situations where you put me out of my comfort zone helped me grow not only as a martial artist, but also as a person. What this helped me with the most was having the confidence to get what I want. Being quiet and shy might be acceptable in school but in the real world I learned that the only way you can make things better for yourself is to have the courage to take action. Karate gave me this courage. The best example of this in my life was a few months ago, I was looking for a job to help pay for some of my college expenses. This was a tough experience mainly because my first few applications came back with a rejection or with no response. I started to doubt myself and worry whether people would actually hire me. Since it has been almost a month since I left karate to go onto Georgia Tech University, what I learned still sticks with me. I convinced myself that the only way I was going to get a job was if I applied to one and that I shouldn't take these rejections personally. This was hard and took not only courage, but also humility and selflessness, all of which I learned in karate. It was the first time when I experienced what the "real world" was like and there was no way I could have dealt with it without using the confidence martial arts had given me. Long story short, I sent out over twenty applications and two months later, I received just three responses, but that's all I needed. Karate taught me that if I wanted something, I should have the courage to get it for myself. Life is hard and unlike school, hard work does not always equate to something. But this is no different than sparring, in that I have to know when not to commit to something. Joining your school six years ago was one of the best life decisions I ever made. In the same way that karate helped me grow as a person, I found it fascinating to watch your school grow to what it is now. Your students are so lucky to have a teacher like you because while karate does teach lessons of courage and humility, it was you who ultimately helped me learn them. I am so proud to call myself a student from your school. We kick butt at tournaments and most of all, I have met many amazing people in the adult class who I will never forget. Although I will be leaving for college in August, I will make sure to stop by during the holidays and winter/spring breaks. Mr. Pippos, what you and your school have given me is priceless and I honestly do not know how to show you how thankful I am. You are an excellent teacher and mentor and I know you will continue to grow your school when I'm gone. I wish you and your family the best of luck and I will see you again when I come home from Georgia. –Sincerely, Koushik K.

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We don't just want you to take our word for it. In fact, there's plenty of solid research that proves martial arts training promotes better behavior and improved attitudes in school age children. Recently published studies and articles describe the benefits of martial arts training for children: reduction in violent behavior among children who took martial arts classes for just 90 minutes a week.