3 Post Office Square • Acton, MA 01720

Meet the Team

At Peter Pippos Karate Center, our goal is to use karate training to enhance our students’ development both mentally and physically through the mind, body and spirit. We have quality students and teachers who enjoy training and helping others improve on the floor, as well as in their every day life.

Every instructor at Pippos Karate Center trains according to these three areas of training:

• Training the body: flexibility, coordination, balance, strength, speed & stamina

• Training the minD: concentration, awareness, emotional discipline & confidence

• Training Self-defense: timing, distancing, accuracy, psychology principles & techniques of blocking and counterattacking

The real value of our program is to take what is learned on the floor and learn to apply it directly to every day life. Whether it is self-confidence to make that important phone call, focus to stay on task with a project, or the patience to deal with someone who may treat you poorly. Each student will develop the skills to handle these situations and other life challenges in a positive manner.

Karate Sensei Peter Pippos
Head Master

Peter Pippos


Nicole Pippos

Karate Instructor Lukas

Lukas Pippos

Assistant Instructors

Dave Kolpin

Karate Instructor Karen

Karen Belanger

Karen Stuntz

Dave Morana

Karate Instructor Gerald

Jerry Bluhm

Assistant Junior Instructors

Collin Burns

Karate Instructor Hwan

Hwan Huh

Amrit Subramanian

Karate Instructor Allan

Allan Tan

Aj Hippensteele

Karate Instructor Joseph

Joseph Kalarickal

Karate Instructor Jake

Jake Kalarickal

Timothy Wessling-Resnick

Karate Instructor Ben

Ben Weber

Karate Instructor Daniel

Daniel Lobo

Karate Instructor Priyanka

Priyanka Nanda