Kinder Kicks

A program developed for parents & children ages 0-4

Kinder Kicks is a program developed for parents and children to exercise, learn and play with a martial arts flair. Children develop perseverance, self-control, courage and respect. Kinder Kicks offers sports, karate, life lessons, exploration and education through a fun fitness curriculum.

The Kinder Kicks curriculum is designed for parents and children to develop a life-long love of physical exercise, exploration and learning together while building healthier bodies and stronger minds. Classes build on a strong foundation of learning and develop communication, cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills.

The Remarkables are our characters who aid in teaching the children valuable life lessons through their character statement, stories, games and exercises. Meet The Remarkables through focused discussion, stories and demonstration opportunities where skills such as cooperation, following directions, sharing and taking turns are developed. Awareness of spatial and perceptual concepts, self-expression and a greater independence are encouraged and celebrated.

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Remarkable Me Kinder Kicks Acton, MA


Newborn to 18 months

Classes incorporate cardio, abdominal work and strength training for the parent while including tactile, auditory and visual stimulation for baby.

Jumping Joey Kinder Kicks Acton, MA


18 months to 3 years

This curriculum is designed to explore basic motor and social skills, increase physical strength, flexibility and coordination by employing introductory martial art skills and fitness concepts.

Leadership Lion Kinder Kicks Acton, MA


3 years to 4 years old

This class is designed to nurture your child's independence and encourages a positive attitude toward physical exercise through basic martial arts techniques, sports and fitness concepts.