3 Post Office Square • Acton, MA 01720

After School Program

A Fun, Safe and Educational Program that Your Children Will LOVE!

After School Karate program in Acton, MA

Students are picked up by the PPKC shuttle. Once everyone is loaded safely on to the shuttle the shuttle heads over to the PPKC. Once they arrive the students are greeted by staff and their friends. They will place their belongings in our coat room. They will have a snack and drink. Parents can pick up their child anytime until 6:00pm and when they arrive the children have done their homework, attended their karate class and most of all had FUN!

Here is what they will be doing!

Karate Class – The student will change into their uniforms and attend their scheduled karate class.

Academic Room – The children can work on homework or projects they may have been given in school. A staff member will assist them if they need help.

Games & Crafts – The children can play the many different games that we have to offer. We have lots of arts and crafts supplies.